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We created Movista to meet the unique challenges our founders faced as retail merchandisers. Our platform helps your entire team (from management to field reps) work smoothly and report back a single version of the truth.


ONE by Movista tackles questions and opportunities such as:


  • Where, along their route, is my team working right now?
  • Is this mileage right?
  • How can I quickly confirm that our strategy/plans have been executed correctly when I can’t be everywhere at once?




With ONE by Movista’s task management tools, managers can:


  • Plan employee schedules and projects in advance
  • Instantly send instructions, videos and images at any time.


Centralized scheduling, planning and instant store data to help you plan toward demand, resource planning and stocking product.



Our platform houses all project instructions, plans and examples in one location so field employees can plan ahead and spend more time on execution while in the store.


Hourly employees also become more productive and efficient due to:


  • Centralized project information
  • Clear task assignments
  • Suggested GPS routes


The cover locations faster and accomplish more per day, which leads to the decreased corporate management costs and decreased in-store execution times.



ONE by Movista gives managers the ability to verify field work in real-time through:


  • Field-rep submitted images of their up-to-date progress while in the field.
  • Monitoring of field team performance and attendance in real time.
  • Geo-fencing that pinpoints exactly where your employees are located to ensure they are working in the correct store or location.
  • Exception reporting and alerts that notify you when a rep may not be in the correct location.



Increase operational and promotional efficiencies in real-time while driving more accurate predictions for procurement, sales forecasts, employee scheduling and marketing strategies,


  • Decreased reimbursement costs and automated payroll processes.
  • Generation of real-time insights directly from the field to drive decisions backed by big data.


Data sync and workflow feedback capabilities pushed form the field directly to the home office to address workflow hurdles as they happen.





The tasks and actions managers need to have executed by employees; everything from surveys, task lists, planograms, orders, recalls and inventory audits.


Photos Submitted

Geo-tagged photos are your proof positive that project plans are completed and that displays and inventory look great.


Hours Worked

Our platform makes managing time cards fast and efficient – and increased productivity means an increase in the number of locations visited in a work day.


Location Visits

A rep can cover, on average, 33% more locations after using ONE by Movista, which ultimately leads to happy customers and increase sales.

See how One by Movista can streamline your operations costs and drive efficiency and sales – Let us take you on a test drive!